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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"They said I was gonna die soon but, maybe not."
I had to be dragged to see this movie. I don't normally watch a lot of period films, but my mom insisted we bond with a good movie over the holidays. She was talking about this movie for weeks before its release and I was trying to delay the inevitable as long as I could.
As I snuggled up in my chair at the theater, I prepared for a nice long nap. But I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's quite long. But I was never bored; I was intrigued. It followed a fictional story of a young boy who was born with an unknown disease--age--for which it was determined that he wouldn't live much longer. Abandoned by his father and picked up by a single woman played by Taraji P. Henson, the common thought was that he would live a life full of despair and utter agony due to his defect of being born an old man. What happens in turn is he lives, I mean TRULY lives. He does most things other people only dream of--he loves hard, he works hard doing something that makes him happy, he becomes vulnerable to a woman, he put his heart on the line. You follow him as he experiences life, as he grows younger and younger in every frame. You follow him as he embraces death of many people who walk into his life, which in turn helps him fear death less. You follow him as he experiences love for the first time. In essence, he does everything with the absence of fear, and manages to live a full life. You learn that often times it's not death we fear, but dying without having lived first. The acting is fantastic and, perhaps even more so, the scenery is so beautiful and the movie just looks like something you want to take part in. You leave the movie feeling so inspired, like you now have so many plans you want to accomplish and were afraid to do before. Best of all, you leave the theater wanting to LIVE.

My rating: A


kaywhycee said...

Yeah, I'm happy you enjoyed it. I really liked this movie as well. I thought it was long, and it was different from the films I tend to go see, but I thought it was really great. I'm happy I saw it!

Unknown said...

Gosh girl, I had no intentions of watching this moving. Now, I must based on your review. You're good.

Unknown said...

I saw this movie recently on dvd (which is why my comment is so late lol) but it really made me depressed about dying rather than wanting to live. I want to be rich and famous some day and this movie made me realize I have soooooooo little time to accomplish that:0(

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