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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

"I always felt that this ceremony was a moment of unity for the world, because art in any form has is and will always be our universal language."
--Oscar winner Penelope Cruz
Thank you academy for giving us a new format on the Oscars. I have to say having past Oscar winners come and speak on the actor and actresses brilliance, then present their award was so refreshing! Each time the nominee was announced it was a tearjerker, because you really feel like it was truly an honor to be nominated. The past winners tell how wonderfully the actor/actress portrayed the role, but also showed their gratitude for their entire career and contribution to cinema. I loved that feeling. Particularly for the more notable veterans, like Mickey Rourke (my choice for best actor), Kate Winslet, Marisa Tomei, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn among others you just really feel their emotions.
I can't say I've seen every movie that was nominated. But I'd like to say something about the ones I have seen. I feel I would be biased to say Mickey Rourke was robbed, seeming as I only saw one other nominee's performance-Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But Mickey's performance was just so damn raw and understated and not at all cliched. I'm sure Sean Penn was AMAZING in the movie, as he always is, but I think I was just more drawn to Mickey's character who said so much in few words. Congrats to Sean though! I thought Brad Pitt was great in the movie, but I honestly think the movie and the story upstaged him. However, I couldn't thin of anyone better in that role. As for the other three nominees, I will unfortunately have to catch them on netflix, that's a promise.
Dear Penelope Cruz: I love your performances, including your Oscar-winning role in
Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but my heart went on (pardon the melodrama) for Taraji P. Henson's character in Button. She totally transformed into a beautiful actress. I felt she had a bit more depth in her role than Penelope did, whose performance left me salivating for more info on the character. I kinda wish her character was a lead, so that we could sink deeper into her soul.
Slumdog Millionaire!!! I feel odd calling this an underdog story, because ever since I've heard of this movie it's been the topdog at award shows. But it is one of those movies that is often neglected by the Oscars, and tonight it broke barriers. And shined a light on the beautiful country of Mumbai. I have to say I was a little partial to Benjamin Button myself, but I'm not mad at Slumdog's win.
Tearjerker moment: um...other than every time the nominee was presented by a previous winner, Heath Ledger's family accepting his award on his behalf as well as Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech for writing the screenplay for Milk. So heartfelt and beautifully organic. I had just began to become a fan of Heath's with Dark Knight, and unfortunately his untimely death has left us wanting for what could have been an even more brilliant career.
I will continue to say this: I wish Kate Winslet was nominated for Revolutionary Road, but am so excited she won an Oscar. Finally! I guess I have to see The Reader now, huh? I'll make sure to add that to my Netflix queue. BUT I was hella partial to Angelina Jolie (in one of my favorite performances of hers--so gut wrenching). I also wish Dark Knight was nominated for best picture. It was so much more than a superhero movie. The screenplay was amazing.
Congratulations to ALL the winners! I have several movies to rent now.


eclecticlady said...

Yes. It was awesome! I also enjoyed the way they chose to present the awards. This was a terrific blog. Great show indeed!

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