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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mulholland Falls

"We go where the case takes us."
--"Not if it takes you here you don't."
Okay so I try to keep the blog posts current by only discussing movies currently in theaters. But ever since I've become a member of Netflix, I've started catching up on all the older movies that I seemingly missed out on.
I meant to rent Mulholland Drive, but I ended up renting this instead. I liked it overall actually. I didn't love it, however. The 1996 flick takes place in the 50s and is about a group of cops, affectionately called the Hat Squad, whose latest case hits a little too close to home for one of their own. Nick Nolte plays the leader of the pack whose latest case involves his mistress being killed and left for dead in the middle of a desert. He tries for a while to conceal his relationship with the victim form his friends, but the further he delves into the case, the more emotional and erratic he becomes. His wife is played by Melanie Griffith, who I don't normally care to see in films, but she was very endearing in this role and I actually felt for her when she finally learns of her husband's infidelity.
The rat pack is rounded out by Chazz Palminteri (spelling?), Michael Madsen, Chris Penn and Daniel Baldwin.
There's also a surprise (at least to me) appearance by Andrew McCarthy, who plays the victim's best friend in the movie (loved him since Less Than Zero and Pretty In Pink).
I wasn't a fan of the ending. I think I was waiting for it to be something really big, and was disappointed when it didn't turn out that way. The cast is really good, the story is interesting but it was kind of a let down at the end.
I'm expecting another movie in the mail this week. Stay tuned.

My rating: C+


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