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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

"You're still searching for me in every woman."
So over the weekend I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and liked it. It was VERY quirky, but funny at the same time. Scarlett Johanssen was her usual flighty self, and I totally saw myself in Rebecca Hall's practical cynical character, Vicky. Javier Bardem was sexy as all hell and had the ultimate gangsta swag when he rolled up to Vicky and Cristina in a restaurant in Barcelna (they're on a two month vacation) and point blank asking if they woudl spend the weekend with him. Cristina of course agrees almost immediately and Vicky is skeptical. But of course they end up spending the weekend with him but is forewarned that his ex wife tried to kill him (or maybe he tried to kill her), but they go anyway. That spins off into a quirky tale that follows Cristina moving in with Javier's character and his slightly deranged ex wife (Penelope Cruz), who pummels through their romance with a steel blade.

Penelope's performance is a little sterotypoical, but fantastic at the same time, leaving me to wonder who's going to take the Oscar. Not sure who will be take home the bets supproting actress oscar, but my money is on Taraji.

My rating: B+


kaywhycee said...

I'm on a super long Netfilx waiting list for this one. However, I'm expecting good things b/c I've heard lots of positive feedback on this film.

M Dot said...

I just had to check to see whether you had watched & reviewed this one...And u did :)!!...I thought it was pretty entertaining...And what a contrast for that dude Javier Bardem from No Country for old men...Loved his swag too.

And straight jokes at how obsessed Vicky (the uptight one)became over dude...

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