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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boogie Nights

"Stop saying pornography! Why are you doing this to me? I am an actor. I am an actor."
So after I finished cleaning the sweat off my TV screen as the end credits began to scroll , I think I've finally come to an assessment of this 1997 flick about a group of people in the 1970s who are at the height of their careers in the pornography industry. With an all-star cast led by Marky Mark (yes, I still call him that) and Burt Reynolds, this movie chronicles the offscreen lives of several porn stars and the challenges they face when the camera is turned off. There's the mother desperate to win visiting rights to see her child (Julianne Moore), the young naive actor (Wahlberg), the producer fed up with his wife's promiscuity, the director at the height of his career (Reynolds), the actor determined to make a legitimate living for himself offscreen (Don Chedle) among other complex characters. The movie offered a peak into the lives of popular porn stars who not only were passionate about their careers, but were somehow using it to jumpstart their own dreams, or in Moore's case, run away from the pain enveloping them in their personal lives.
I appreciated the movie, but some scenes were definitely not for young audiences (all I have to say is Marky Mark is BLESSED). At the end of the day, we all have our perceptions of who we think porn stars are offscreen and onscreen. Nights humanized these actors and made them live beyond their reputations. It was interesting. I mean, I'm not trying to sign up to be in the next porn flick, but if you choose to, then rock on.

My rating: B+


M Dot said...

I sooo love this movie!
Dirk Diggler was was wearing an extension.
Fab review...

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