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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Madea Goes To Jail

"I'm Madea! Ma to the damn D-E-A!"
Unfortunately the movie isn't about Madea going to jail at all. That would have been a funny movie. But instead the movie is centered around Derek Luke and Keisha Knight Pulliam's (remember her, from The Cosby Show?) character. Luke stars as the assistant district attorney who by chance bumps into his old friend played by Knight-Pulliam, a prostitute who's in court facing criminal charges. In typical Tyler Perry fashion, the movie follows a plot similar to an actual church play in that there's always a lesson to be learned from their story, something relating to an act of being Christian.

Now Madea is funny as all hell. I was most looking forward to her scenes. I do think Tyler Perry is a comic genius similar to Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, but I really feel like his stories don't translate as well as they probably do on stage. They come off more like after school specials, like those your mom made you watch when you were a kid.

Also, Keisha Knight Pulliam as a prostitute???? Never again can I ever witness such a thing. Rudy Huxtable?? Wow...she was soooo not believable. I felt like grabbing a phone and calling Cliff and Claire to come downstairs and rescue her from onscreen disaster. Sorry, Rudy. The rest of the cast was good though. Madea's daughter and brother return and are seriously the saving grace in the movie, along with of course Madea. Too bad the other plot seemed to overshadow them.

My rating: D+


eclecticlady said...

Wow. I actually thought Pulliam WAS believable. Many times we typecast child actors, often making it nearly impossible for them to shed their previously childlike image once the become adults. People grow up. They change.

Personally, i found it hysterical! I might not have gone to see it on my own.

M Dot said...

Fab review...I thought Rudy aka Candy's teeth were to white and straight...Am I being anal? Also, I don't really care for the Madea movies either, I like the plays though...But, I believe it's because he refuses to challenge us...The characters are ALWAYS mad simple...and predictable.

Unknown said...

Excellent commentary and right on point. Rudy's part was just not believable considering she didn't look like she was from the streets of the "nite hustlers" and her hair was too straight/well-kept no matter how raggedy her outfit was. The end, matter of fact, the plot was too juvenile. Like always, I couldn't wait to see Madea as her part was hilarious and that's what more of what we need "laughter" to get us through these difficult times.

Tough Typer said...

Your review actually makes me want to see how tragic this movie really is lol. I don't know if I'm ready to see sweet lil' Rudy as a hooker, though...

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