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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Devil in a Blue Dress

"A man once told me that you step out of your door in the morning, and you are already in trouble. The only question is are you on top of that trouble or not?"
Before I landed my current job in book publishing, I used to write book reviews for a magazine. One of the reviews I wrote was for Walter Mosley's 2007 book Blonde Faith. Though it was the last book in the popular Easy Rawlins series, it was the first one I had read. I quickly became intrigued with the character.
So fast forward to earlier this afternoon I saw for the first time ever Devil in a Blue Dress, the first in the thrilling Rawlins series. Lemme just say first that when Denzel flashed his pearly whites, smoking-hot body and killer smile on the screen, I almost melted into my couch. He perfectly fit into the role of the smooth-talking reluctant detective with a chip on his shoulder and a case of bad luck. A classic whodunit, Devil takes place in the 1940s before the civil rights movement and in the height of segregation in Los Angeles. Rawlins gets pulled into a case involving a missing white woman by a shady man he doesn't know and can't seem to trust, rightfully so. The case gets dicey when a woman close to him is murdered and he stumbles onto another dead body trying to track down her killer. As more and more bodies drop in front of him, all fingers start pointing at him as the main suspect in his own case.
It's a great mystery, filled suspense and doesn't fail to highlight the relationship between cops and Black folks, especially men, during this era. But in the midst of all that comes a smart, fast talking Black man who's got the drop on the real crime solving in town. Bravo to that.

My rating: A


eclecticlady said...

Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl, this was Miles. Favorite movie. especially the part when Denzel says " They've been pissing on my head and telling me that it's raining." What a great actor and a great film!

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