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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knocked Up

"Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever."
I did not want to see this movie. My friends used to quote lines from it when it first came out and raved about how much they loved it. But I didn't think the pothead comedy was really my kind of thing. But then my mom highly recommended it. I was like, Mom? I was shocked because, believe it or not, she's a harsher critic than I am.
So last year, when it debuted on HBO (because I certainly wasn't going to pay for it), I gave it a try and watched it...and was rolling on the floor laughing. I've seen it countless times since then, including today. The whole pothead thing was kinda kooky (but the uncut version gets even crazier), but Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl have great chemistry onscreen and they are hysterical together. Heigl plays the twenty-something woman who celebrates her job promotion by wilin' out at a club and later winds up having a drunken one-night stand with pothead deadbeat Seth Rogen. What later follows is a hilarious descent into a reluctant yet surprisingly good relationship between two unlikely people. Leslie Mann, who plays Heigl's sister, and Paul Rudd stole the show as the straight-laced married couple. Rudd's deadpan humor is hysterical. Check it out.

My rating: B+


eclecticlady said...

First off saw this and thought was hysterical! Secondly, love the quote. Very unlikely and interesting love story.

Charreah said...

Girl gets dream job in media only to get knocked up by weirdo? I tried to laugh but all hit too close to home. needless to say no one got within ten inches of me after watching . . .but the brother in law aka Cher's step brother from Clueless? Now he was hilarious!

eclecticlady said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I don't blame you. Absolutely, gut busting. Especially, when the boys went to Vegas and had the shrooms.

RSW said...

I thought this movie was hilarious! Especially the scene where she and her sister try to get into the club! Lol!

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