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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Seven Pounds

"It is within my power to drastically change his cirumstances, but I don't want to give that man a gift he doesn't deserve."
I'm going to try my best to explain this one because the plot is very unclear, as well as the "moral" and the point of the story (if there even was one). Here goes:
Will Smith stars as a man whose name is not Ben Thomas even though he introduces himself as such throughout the whole movie and who does not work for the IRS even though he, you guessed it, says he is throughout the whole movie. He is somehow well off financially and has the means to give back. Grief-stricken after his fiancee dies in a devastating car crash, he goes on a mission to improve the lives of seven people who....okay I'm a little fuzzy here..were affected or somehow involved in the crash...I don't know. But I do know he goes out of his way to improve their lives as they all suffer from either a fatal illness (as in the case of Rosario Dawson, who plays his love interest), impediment (Woody Harrelson suffers from blindness), or domestic violence (as in the case of the single mother of two stuck in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend).
I just assumed that these seven characters are somehow connected to his fiance's crash but I'm really not sure. Smith falls for Dawson who is dying of heart failure and desperately seeking a donor. Just when Smith starts to feel love again as he falls for Dawson, he gives himself an out and disappears from her life forever.
Ugh, I'm so annoyed at this movie. Because I honestly do think it had potential to be something decent, but failed miserably. It was poorly written and took me on an unnecessary whirlwind that had no breaks and no exit.
The ending was bad too. How can you go two hours and still not explain yourself? I thought the ending was going to run the explanation and details quickly, which still would have been bad, but instead the ending just raised another question: what the hell was that?

My rating: C-


M Dot said...

OMG...I absolutely loved this little movie...although it was long and someone trite it was beautiful...

And the end when Woody Harrelson's character met Rosario's...And Jesus Wept. LOL

eclecticlady said...

A bit dark and at times hard to follow, but I thought this was good film. Very moving story about kindness,redemption and devastating depression. W. Smith did good with this one!

LaLa said...

I'm with the WRITER...though this film had some good elements and interesting left me wanting SO much more from it. There was the potential for ALOT more plot from this little movie!!!
I am going to disagree with the writer in that I don't think the 7 people had much to do with the crash, I think that the crash was part of the impetus for his mission...
M Dot...I too liked the @ "Jesus wept"

Anonymous said...

I realise you wrote this many, many years ago, but...really? I agree that it's not a brilliant film, but it wasn't that hard to grasp the story. He killed 7 people, so to atone, he helps 7 other people to live (or cures them of terrible ailments).

The end explained the entire thing. Were you asleep?

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