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Monday, April 20, 2009

Something New

"You know what, I'm never gonna be on the right side of the war going on inside your head, because I'm not black. So maybe this isn't what you want."
So most people who know me know that I'm not a romantic at heart. But this movie has found its way onto my TV screen more times than I care to admit. Perhaps it's the intrigue of trying something outside your comfort level, or trying something new on for size. Or perhaps it's the story of a cynic-turn-believer that I can relate to. Whatever it is, I find myself going back to this movie. Don't tell anyone.
Starring Sanna Lathan (who's in just about every movie just like this) and Simon Baker, Something New is the sappy (yeah I said it) story of a strong Black businesswoman and a white landscaper who fall in love and learn that when you're truly in love, no one and nothing else matters.
But the film is not absent of the natural friction that often occurs in interracial relationships--our hair (it truly is unlike any other), the difference between black and white in corporate America, and the pressure of what your friends and family will think.
The film is what it is. Nothing you wouldn't expect from the typical romantic comedy. But it's one of the few romantic movies that center around an interracial relationship and keeps it real.

My rating: B


eclecticlady said...

I love this movie and don't act like you don't know i've seen it repeatedly. It's quite relatable. Worth the watch I thought. Keeping it real indeed!

M Dot said...

You are hilarious...And so right. Behind closed doors, in the corner on a rainy Tuesday night...I might admit that I liked it too :-)...

voilah said...

Thank you! This review is more honest and neutral than the aggressive rants I mostly read about this movie. I thought it was funny, entertaining and although you do get a cliche or two, they're harmless and they smoothly fit into the story line (as opposed to the nonsensical, random and very uncalled for cliche placements you get in today's rom-coms). A movie's purpose is to entertain and this one might not be THE blockbuster or whatever, but it sure feeds it (the purpose).

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