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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Insider

"There are times when I wish I hadn't done it. There are times when I feel compelled to do it. If you asked me, would I do it again, do I think it's worth it? Yeah I think its worth it."
In this 1999 drama, Russell Crowe stars as real-life tobacco scientist Jeff Wiband, who's fired from his high-level job after he blows the whistle on top secret findings that reveal the company knowingly manufactured cigarettes that contain the highly addictive nicotine. Al Pacino superbly portrays 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman who's hot on Wiband's case to get him to expose the truth behind the company on the show. But Wiband's confidentiality contract with the company forbids him from doing any such thing, which leads to a deeper investigation on Jeff Wiband, both personally and professionally. With the tobacco company's injunction on Wiband issuing further information about the company, paired with CBS Corp's injunction on 60 Minutes airing the incriminating information, the movie goes on a nail biting tear with Pacino acting as the explosive never-take-no-for-an-answer producer who will stop at nothing to air the full story and Crowe excellently embodying the ordinary man who has to overcome extraordinary challenges. Between the media circus and being bullied by the tobacco companies will will stop at nothing to continue their profit, Wiband remains the sole tact that's keeping this runaway train from falling off the tracks. While he becomes entangled in this drama, he has not only lost his job, but also loses his family, home and almost his sanity as the company he worked hard for continued to profit. All his efforts to bring down the company's conspiracy only resulted in him losing everything he built. But in the end his integrity remained in tact.

My rating: A-


Original Cyn said...

Really? I thought this movie dragged on and on when i saw it. I mean, PROPS for Russell Crowe's American accent. But otherwise i found the movie to be the exact opposite of riveting. But glad you enjoyed it!

M Dot said...

LMAO... Your review was so well written and engaging, I almost forgot how long and boring I thought this pic was. Fab review, Chica :D

Unknown said...

Wow; don't know how, but I have never heard of this movie. With your review and after checking it out on IMDb I am going to have to watch it. Thanks!

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