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Saturday, May 16, 2009


"There are all sorts of things that I should know, but they aren't telling me."
Since I've recently become obsessed with going to Spain, it's only fitting that I watch the two-hour Spanish dramedy, Volver. Starring Penelope Cruz, the indie flick follows a Spanish family that's shaken by the death of its matriarch in a tragic fire. Devastated, the family struggles to resume their separate lives, but is haunted by the ghost of their beloved mother, Irene. Irene struggles to mend the wounds she left opened during the time of her passing by being a presence in her family's lives in their time of need. Raimunda, played by Cruz, is particularly affected by her mother's spirit as she is harboring a dark secret from her past that deeply affected her relationship with her mother when she was alive. Little does she know, Irene has kept a secret from her as well, a secret too earth-shattering to keep even post mortem.
Volver, the Spanish infinitive of the word return, is the perfect title for this movie that's marked by the return of a beloved one who's own reappearance unearths the hidden truths of her family members, truths they've kept even from themselves. Beautiful performances, a refreshing story, and spot-on comedic timing make this a wonderful movie.

My rating: A


Charreah said...

Start taking me with you to the movies;)

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