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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Away We Go

"All we can do is be good to this one baby. We don't have control over much else."
As my friend and I still grappled with the devastating news of Michael Jackson's death, we decided to hit up a bar last night that was playing a few of the legend's jams (not enough of them if you ask us, but we had fun celebrating his remarkable legacy) and catch this Sam Mendes-directed movie afterwards.
I first saw the trailer for this flick a few weeks ago and was surprised to see SNL alum Maya Rudolph take on a dramatic role as an expectant mom in Away We Go.
Costarring The Office's John Krasinski, the two travel across the country in search of the perfect place to raise their firstborn. Scared, broke and anxious, the couple visit friends and relatives from whom they learn different views of parenting and family units. From blended families to unconventional parenting and discipline, the pair later learn that what they have is far better than any perfect house, perfect job or perfect car--love.
I remember coming out the theater and could only think of one word to describe this film--tender. The love and commitment John and Maya's characters have for each is so refreshing and, simply put, lovely. There were times when I thought the movie was a bit slow. But I think in those silent moments, when John and Maya just stare into each other's eyes in passionate understanding, or Maya's nurturing relationship with her younger sister, or the moment her friend's devastating parental nightmare sinks in, were the ones that spoke the loudest.
But I do have to add that there were some scenes in the movie that were kinda off the collar remarks referencing Maya's ethnicity, mostly from Krasinksi's Midwestern relatives. They were meant to be funny, but I think after the second time they came off a bit unfunny, and even insensitive.
Before I forget, I have to ask, how can a couple who live in a broken down trailer afford to travel across country back and forth? Someone please let me know so I can get to Delta airlines right away and plan a much-needed getaway. What am I doing wrong???
Overall, the movie was touching, funny at times, and really conveyed an imperfect couple's search for the perfect parenthood.
My rating: B+


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I really liked how you wrote how this couple learned that what they had (love) was far better than having the perfect anything. Could be a good movie for expecting parents.

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