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Saturday, June 27, 2009


"You hurt those people, Early. I don't wanna do it with you. I loved you, Early. You just be quiet. You are mean."
My mom used to always tell me about the scene in this 1993 movie where Brad Pitt takes off his shoe and scratches his dirty feet (through his hole-riddled socks) at a restaurant table like it ain't no thang. Ironically, I would always come right in on this scene every time I caught it on TV. So I decided to rent it this weekend and finally watch the whole thing.
Kalifornia, costarring David Duchovny and Juliette Lewis, follows a couple on a cross country road trip to California documenting famous murder scenes for research for their upcoming book. They enlist two shady hitchhikers to help pay for gas. But little did they know, they're new passengers (played by Pitt and Lewis) gave them more research for the book than they feared.
I love Pitt and Lewis together onscreen. They play that embarrassing, deranged couple that you always talk about but never to their face, for fear of being slapped or even killed. Lewis is a dim-witted teenager who clearly doesn't know right from wrong and Pitt is her gun-toting horror of a boyfriend. Lewis is particularly convincing as the lonely, scared young girl who just wants to see the good in everyone and everything and is petrified that she's stumbled into a bad relationship but doesn't feel like she has any power to do anything about it.
The movie is a road trip that takes a bad turn to hell. Check it out.
My rating: B+


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I've always loved the movie poster for Kalifornia though I still haven't seen the film. Thanks for the encouraging review Candice.

Unknown said...

good movie...

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