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Thursday, June 11, 2009


"There's only one way to unfold a note, so to speak, without tearing the paper."
I raced out of my office today after work to be sure as not to miss a single second of this flick that boasted a plot too demented to ignore- my kind of thing.
In theaters June 26, Surveillance stars Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman as detectives who must crack the case of a series of gruesome murders happening throughout town and all they've got to go on are the stories from a strung out junkie, an eight-year-old girl and a hothead cop. Struggling to detangle one distorted story after another, the two detectives question each witness while the witnesses themselves try to delicately piece together the horrifying events. In the end, each character learns that the truth is far more frightening than they imagined.
This is one of those movies that starts at the end an ends in the beginning as the plot unravels and, along with the characters, becomes more twisted in every frame. It's a great whodunit. You'll never guess who the ultimate bad guy is.
Click here to check out the trailer.

My rating: B+


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