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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

"I desire the soul of Christine Brown. We will feast upon it while she festers in the grave!"
This is as cheesy as horror films get--the scary old woman, the unnecessary (and disgusting) gore, and, of course, the seance of an evil spirit. But, I have to admit, I did jump a few times.
Alison Lohman stars as a loan officer, whose decision to turn down an elderly woman (complete with dirty false teeth, a nasty cough and one eye) for a home loan proves dangerous. The woman puts a curse on the young loan officer after going into a fit of rage when she heard the news that her beloved house was to be stripped away from her. She promises Lohman that the days ahead were going to be filled with horror and doom. As Lohman races against time (she has a matter of days until the curse s completed and revenge is claimed), she is haunted by not only the old woman but the devil himself.
Lots of Poltergeist-like levitation, complete with the evil seance made the film very cliched and often comical. But the old woman provides for some kickass fights between her and a scared Lohman. Note: don't f*&# with old ladies; they know how to use a knife.
If you're looking for a good contemporary scary movie to watch, avoid this one. It's not really worth your time. See Quarantine instead.

My rating: D+


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