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Sunday, July 19, 2009


"The numbers are the key to everything."
I hate when movies suck in you in with cool special effects and an "ominous" one-liner in the commercial, but end up being really dumb. Such is the case of Knowing. Starring Nicholas Cage (who can't seem to make a good movie lately), Knowing is about a single father who finds a hidden time capsule from 50 years ago that contains a sheet of paper which is supposed to reveal some of the world's worst disasters. Using this newfound "knowledge," Cage tries to single-handedly predict and help prevent the next disasters unsuccessfully using this information but ends up wreaking more havoc and preventing nothing disastrous from occurring. But here's the best part: the "plot" turns into some supernatural alien situation in which aliens invade New York City and take Cage's son back to their planet in a pretty tricked out UFO (in order to save mankind? I don't really know). I get a little hazy about what happens next because I was dozing off by this point (which is probably around the same time the writer of this horrid script did), but I doubt I missed anything important. [SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO CARE] Something else Cage can't help prevent: the end of the world.

My rating: F


M Dot said...

Lol at your review...I actually watched the whole thing, but the end was a big let down.

How've you been?
I would love to read your review of Fast Food Nation (off topic!

Candice Frederick said...

@MDot haven't seen that documentary but I have some thoughts about the subjects anyway.

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