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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

"Your future is my past. For you, none of it has happened yet, but for me...I've known you since I was six."
This movie reminds me why I haven't ever seen movies The Titanic and The Notebook--the big epic love stories that often come off melodramatic and overdone. Okay okay, I really can't have an opinion about the latter two movies because I haven't ever seen them (but I can just tell by the commercial). The Time Traveler's Wife, though well acted by Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in the lead roles, had the same level of melodrama. But rather than finding love on a sinking ship, The Time Traveler's Wife follows a man and woman whose love for each other survives the test of time and faces the unusual, albeit highly unrealistic, challenge--Bana's character has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to shift in and out of time at any given moment and miss as well as foresee various episodes in the couple's love affair.
Have we run out of challenges to incorporate in love stories that we have to make up unrealistic ones? I'm thinking this movie would have been better left a book and not on the big screen. It was a weak attempt to piggy back off the success of the far better movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
But I should say, if you take out the part about the dumb premise, the acting is quite good--it almost makes you forget you're watching the big screen version of the tv show "Quantum Leap."

The Time Traveler's Wife is in theaters August 14.

My rating: C-


Anonymous said...

Wow, C-. This movie wouldn't make it in grad school. I'm all for a love story but a realistic premise is important to me. It allows me to relate. Although Rachel McAdams is a good actress, based on your review, I think I will wait to catch this on cable.

Unknown said...


I didn't see the movie, but from what I've been hearing from fellow movie goers, is that the emotional roller coaster doesn't make up for lack of substance. Seems like you're review kind of agrees with that.



Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Despite the overwhelming negative press around the film I still saw it on the weekend and actually enjoyed it. I love time travel stories and this was a good one. As a romance I'm not sure I had the heartfelt connection I was hoping for.

By the way Time Traveler's Wife movie was produced by Brad Pitt so there definitely was a connection to Benjamin Button themes.

Arlice Nichole said...

I haven't seen this show or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yet, but I will say that The Titanic still makes me boo hoo! I also think Kate Winslet did a fantastic job in that movie. I'm also a history buff and probably would have liked it had I thought it was bad. LOL!

Anonymous said...

You obviously have never seen Quantum Leap

Candice Frederick said...

@Anonymous Oh, but I have.

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