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Sunday, September 13, 2009


"You on one side, me on the other, it's perfect."
I went back and forth about whether to catch this Clive Owen and Julia Roberts movie when it was in theaters earlier this year. Truth is, I was so sick of seeing Clive Owen in yet anther bad movie (see my review of The International). So I decided to give Duplicity a try when to came out on DVD. After watching a half an hour of it I found myself asking, 'Why wasn't this a straight-to-DVD flick???' Hot mess, and starring Clive Owen...again. I have to admit I kinda had high hopes for this movie because I love caper flicks generally and I sorta like Owen and Roberts together ever since they teamed up for Closer in 2004. Well, Duplicity is nothing like Closer.
The movie follows the two spies (and former lovers) as they find themselves in the midst of a sticky con job that hits a little too close to home. This is supposed to be a smart, sexy, caper flick. But although Julia Roberts is Pretty Woman, she is by no means sexy. So that was my first problem. It was awkward chemistry between the pair. I wasn't buying it. And I guess for good measure Paul Giamatti (Sideways) and Tom Wilkinson were thrown in as corporate rivals which ended up being a complete waste of their talent (one my my major pet peeves with movies).
Not highly recommended at all.
My rating: D


Office Avenger said...

Since our time is so precious, I really appreciate your reviews, because even watching a film on DVD at home can be a frustrating waste of time. Thanks for the warnings so I can use my time more productively!

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