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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Proposal

"We'll tell my family about our engagement when I want and how I want. Now, ask me nicely."
I usually leave the sappy movies to my fellow movie lover at Just Chick Flicks, but when The Proposal came in the mail a few days ago from Netflix I figured why not give it a try on a rainy Saturday. Starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal did in fact confirm why I don't do chick flicks to begin with. It was predictable. Hence the reason why I could still surf the net, as well as read a few articles on line and Twitter while watching this. Reynolds plays the faithful lackey assistant to the miserable and implacable book editor-in-chief played by Bullock. Her reign over the office is put on the line when she is informed her visa has expired and she has to be be deported back to Canada. Thinking fast on her feet she blackmails Reynolds into marrying her so that he could finally get his long desired promotion to editor. They manage to fool her superiors and put on a good show for his folks in Alaska can guess what happens next (sigh).
BUT I do have to admit that I did laugh a few times. Both Reynolds and Bullock both play on each other's dry sarcastic humor making the casting a good fit. Mary Steenbergen (love her), Betty White and Craig T. Nelson costar.
The Proposal is worth a rental I guess, but I wouldn't rush to your Netflix queues (unless it's cold and rainy where you are too). If you're a chick flick lover, you'll love this. If you're a Bullock or Reynolds fan, check it out. Report back. Let me know what you think.

My rating: B


Clarabela said...

I agree. Sandra Bullock is cute as always and Ryan Reynolds was funny, but it was very predictible. I felt like I had seen this movie before and it was called Green Card.

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