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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Break-Up

"Our entire relationship, I have gone above and beyond for you, for us. And I just don't feel like you appreciate any of it. All I want is to know, is for you to show me that you care."
I'm going to say this right here and now: I am NOT a Jennifer Aniston fan. However, if it wasn't for Vince Vaughan, The Break-Up would have gone directly into the not-gonna-ever seen-it pile where I keep most of her other films.
But about a year or so ago, I checked out this movie on TV one day and I've since probably seen it like three other times, including tonight. It's basically the typical romantic comedy, but instead of everything ends predictably well and perfect, it ends badly, but still perfect. It's quite realistic that way. Starring Aniston and Vaughan, The Break-Up surrounds one seemingly perfect couple who in one swift and overdue argument they learn that the foundation they've built their relationship on no longer exists. They go through the typical breakup stages like shock, remorse, vengeance and anger, but eventually settle on mutual contentment.
I was mostly shocked by Vince Vaughan, who showed me for the first time that he wasn't the long-delayed immature frat boy he so often plays, but actually an imperfect hilarious, yet often silly, character who's main flaw is his selfishness. Aniston played the usual straight-and-arrow character, who's main flaw could only be perceived as "naggy."

The Break-Up is available on DVD.

My rating: B


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