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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

"You think your wife and daughter would feel good about you killing in their name?"
--"My wife and daughter can't feel anything. They're dead."
I hope I never have to figure out what to do if my loved one was killed in cold blood right before my very eyes. I can't say I would know what I to do, but Gerard Butler's character Clyde Shelton was forced to decide in the movie Law Abiding Citizen. He witnesses his wife and daughter get murdered in his own house and their murderer get off easy with a five-year sentence. Disgusted with the judicial system and his lawyer, played by Jamie Foxx, who settled with the lackluster sentencing, he goes on a killing spree taking justice into his own hands and bringing the system to its knees. By the end, you were left questioning who the bad guy was, and why.
I can't say I've seen Butler, who also co-produced this film, in a lot of his other films, but I was impressed by his performance in this movie. He really made the audience think, what would you do in this situation?. But the movie reminded me of two other movies--Se7en and the lesser-known movie starring Kevin Bacon called Death Sentence. Foxx was decent in the role, but Gerard definitely stole the show. There were surprises, twists and turns and could get graphic at times, but overall the movie was fast-paced, well performed, and kept your attention until the very end.

Law Abiding Citizen is in theaters now.

My rating: B+


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I am very curious about this movie. Thanks for the review Candice.

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