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Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Look: Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island"

Leonardo DiCaprio re-teams with director Martin Scorsese in this thriller set back in 1954 about an investigator (DiCaprio) who's latest case leads him to Shutter Island, where he is hot on the trail of a murderer who's escaped from a mental facility located on the island. While there, he learns that not everything is what he seems, and that Shutter Island may be hiding a dark secret. The film was originally supposed to hit theaters back in October, but was later moved to February 19, 2010 for "economic reasons." In any case, check out the trailer. I don't know about you, but I will not be missing this one. DiCaprio + Scorsese = awesome.


Corey said...

I really hope this one is good. It always makes me nervous when a film gets pushed to beginning of year.

Candice Frederick said...

@Corey me too. and it kinda diminishes any hopes for Oscar as well..

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