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Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Complicated

"Here comes your ex-husband. Not the best time to be feeling groovy."
It's true what they say: you never know what you've got until it's gone. And by then, it's often a day late and a dollar short.
In It's Complicated, Hollywood grand dame Meryl Streep plays Jane, a divorced mother of three who's youngest child moves out of the house leaving her alone, bored, and restless. Unhinged by her new wave of freedom, she does what the rest of us gals tend to do--hang out with the other girls, gab, and comfort one another over good food, conversation (mostly about men) and, of course, drinks. Her ex-husband Jake (played by Alec Baldwin) has of course moved on to a much younger woman who he's married to, to Jane's dismay. Throwing herself into her work, Jane almost didn't notice the kind soul of a promising new member of her team, an architect played by Steve Martin. Just when the two begin to spend a little time together, Jake re-enters her life and, before Jane can blink, they begin a steamy love affair. Oh, the scandal! It appears Jake has fallen for his ex-wife...again. And Jane...she's just fallen.
Complicated writer Nancy Meyers (who also wrote Something's Gotta Give) has a way of juicing up the average romantic comedy and finding just right the cast for the job. However, her movies tend to all have the same formula and undoubtedly all blur together. It's Complicated was no exception. It's her typical, though smart, romantic comedy for a more mature audience. But, unlike Something's Gotta Give, there are no Oprah-like a-ha moments, which made it really quite unspecial and fall sorta flat. The main stars were all charming and delightful in their own way and the story is probably something more divorced couples can relate to than those who'd admit it.
Except for Steve Martin's performance, whose straight-laced teddy bear portrayal was an impressive departure from his usual jokester role, I wasn't blown away by any one performance and the movie as a whole didn't captivate me.
On a final note, I think the trailer unjustly showed all the funniest moments in the movie which makes watching it really anticlimactic to watch. Too bad.

Reel Talk rating: B


Andrew K. said...

I preferred Something's Gotta Give, as talented as Strep is she can't do everything perfectly and Diane Keaton trumps her in this genre, I believe.

Original Designer Woman said...

I absolutely loved this movie. At 60 she can still give it to us!!!

37paddington said...

okay, you just wrote about, back the back, the three movies i saw last weekend. serendipity! love the reviews.

Film Gurl said...

Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about this one (in the back of my mind) but wasn't sure. Think I'll wait for it to go on video, nice review!

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