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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Look: A Nightmare on Elm Street

1...2....Freddy's coming for you. 3...4...You better shut that door...Remember that song kids used to torment each other with to frighten them with the impending wrath of Freddy Krueger? This year one of cinema's most frightening villains returns to the big screen with a remake of the classic franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Shutter Island's Jackie Earle Haley steps into the boots of Krueger (knifed up hand and all) to terrorize unsuspecting residents of the doomed Elm Street as they sleep at night. Check out the new trailer below. I gotta admit, I jumped a few times watching it. A Nightmare on Elm Street is set to frighten audiences April 30.

And check out an exclusive clip here:


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