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Saturday, March 20, 2010

DVD Review: "Secretary"

"I feel more than I've ever felt and I've found someone to feel with.... To love in a way that feels right for me. I hope he knows that I can see that he suffers too. And that I want to love him."
Lee Holloway has had her share of problems. Recently released from a mental hospital for a bad affinity for cutting herself, all the twenty-something year old wanted to do was find love--for herself and for another. Then the job of her dreams fell into her lap.
Recently dubbed Oscar nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as Holloway in the 2002 sadomasochist-adoring film Secretary, co-starring James Spader. The wide-eyed, shy young woman takes a job as the demanding Mr. Grey's (James Spader's) inexperienced secretary only to find that her new boss likes his secretaries to partake in a little game we'll call S&M in the office. Complete with whips, chains, and other toys, Holloway quickly becomes intrigued by the newfound excitement in her life and what she's come to determine as love for the sadistic Mr. Grey. As quickly as she begins to enjoy the unorthodox rituals at work, it's just as quickly taken away from her when she's suddenly fired. By then she's addicted to her feelings for her boss and is not quite ready to come down from her high.
A quirky little film, an often unnecessary at times, that somehow still entrances audiences in a "what is this about?" kind of way, Secretary shows how one woman stopped at nothing to get her love. But I'm still scratching my head at the whole thing.

Reel Talk rating: B


Brittani Burnham said...

I loved this film! I was so surprised when she didn't get an Oscar nom for this.

Anonymous said...

Loved this film...and Mr. Grey was not really sadistic, but rather a dominant. The performances by Gyllenhaal and Spader were absolutely perfect. It really was their performances and the unbelievable chemistry between these two actors that carried the film from beginning to end. This rom-com definitely stated that there is a love match for everyone...we just have to be lucky enough to find the right person.

M Dot said...

This is my movie!!! Love that you weighed in on it!!

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