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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green Zone

"Get with the program, or get out of my way."
You may remember a few weeks ago I was not as enthusiastic about The Hurt Locker as many other folks were, though it was a magnificent directorial effort by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow. But Matt Damon's war flick, Green Zone, which debuted in theaters this weekend at #2 at the box office, was a different kind of film that instantly grabbed my attention and never let it go. Damon plays Chief Miller, a U.S. Army Officer whose mission it was for he and his team to locate weapons of mass destruction in the war-torn Middle East. But when he gets there, he learns no such weapons exist in the devastated country and he's on a dangerously futile mission. Back at the base he reports on what he's learned to only be met by the government's tactile warnings to stay the course and don't question it...or else. Determined to blow the lid off the whole investigation, Miller and his team relentlessly pursue the real story behind weapons of mass destruction, no matter the cost. In doing so, he finds that not everyone is so willing to put themselves on the line and he may become his own target.
No doubt borrowing inspiration from real events, Green Zone is a nail-biting story of one man's single mission to uncover the truth, no matter the consequences. In other words, it's a a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, political action flick that leaves no room for mild interpretation.

Green Zone, which also stars Greg Kinnear and Amy Ryan, is in theaters now.

Reel Talk rating: B+


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