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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DVD Review: "Sherlock Holmes"

"In another life, Mr. Holmes, you would have made a excellent criminal."
Remember Sherlock Holmes, the awkwardly brilliant private eye hailing from London? He had a slightly more outgoing sidekick Dr. Watson who always knew just the right time to make a cameo? Well, Guy Ritchie doesn't. The director of last year's big screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes had a wilder recollection of the popular Sir Arthur Conan Boyle character. In the film, Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)sheds his awkward image to become a English detective, jumping off roofs and dodging bombs throughout town, narrowly escaping deathtraps, black magic and 10-foot villains. He also engages in random dirty boxing matches. As for Watson (Jude Law), well Watson is still Holmes's right arm but he too acts as some kind of action figure, but has more of a softer side than Holmes and provides more practicality to Holmes's seemingly natural recklessness.

We meet the pair as their in the midst of trying to crack their latest case of serial killer Lord Blackwood after catching him, hanging him and burying him (so they thought). When Blackwood emerges seemingly from the dead, Holmes and Watson hasten through the city using charm, wits and gunfire to take down Lord Blackwood.

Though the film is more of a mystery, Downey and Law's on screen chemistry was undeniable. Their friendship, which is a blend of non-sibling rivalry mixed with Hallmark lean-on-me moments (action-style), can even be viewed as an 1800s bromance. They were perfectly cast (though at first thought it sounded kind of iffy). But if you see this film after Iron Man 2, you'll notice Downey had similar comical quirks for both very different characters.

As for the film itself, in true Guy Ritchie style is was all over the place with the craziness. But if you can set aside your image of Boyle's Sherlock, you may enjoy this a little more.

Reel Talk rating: B


37paddington said...

Interesting review! After seeing this movie, I thought that they based the TV character of Dr. House and his sidekick Dr. Wilson on Holmes and Watson. The dynamic of the two men on the TV show "House" is so similar to the dynamic in the movie.

CMrok93 said...

Fun film, though Ritchie's style didn't exactly match the material.

Castor said...

Enjoyed it! One of the main beef I had was that the female characters exist only so the audience doesn't think Holmes and Watson are gay.

Candice Frederick said...

@Castor LOL!

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