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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex And The City 2

"How are you gonna swallow all those?" --"Have we met?"
The latest installment of the coitus and cocktail-drenched "Sex and The City," Sex And the City 2 jet sets the famous foursome Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha overseas to "The New Middle East," Abu Dhabi after Samantha is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit luxurious city as an all expenses paid PR trip. At this point n their lives, the ladies are each experiencing their own versions of hell: Charlotte is struggling to balance motherhood and sanity, Carrie is caught in the middle of a plateaued marriage, Samantha is battling a weak sex drive and impending menopause, and Miranda has reached a tipping point at the office. Overall, the women were thrilled to have this away time, even if it took them away from their beloved city. Oh, and did I mention Charlotte's best gay friend (and riot!) Anthony and Carrie's best gay friend Stanford are jumping the broom?! And that's just the beginning...

Amidst Middle East-inspired fashion sense and sexual desires and misfires, the ladies carry over their hometown concerns overseas and begin to remember how it was to be single again, just in another city. Notably, Samantha's sexual hunger has a lasting impact on the natives, and Carrie walks a thin line between her married and singled self. The new location does a bit of a disservice on the plot and the familiarity of the Big Apple, and the audience--and even the ladies--realize that there's no place like home.

The cameos from some of Hollywood's finest, the fashion, the sex, the wild adventures and the the familiar females will satisfy any true SATC fan. Though the sequel doesn't pack as much juice as the original movie, Sex And The City 2 doesn't leave your martini glass empty.

Reel Talk rating : B


Anonymous said...

lot of passion did comes with it. this movie was been a pleasing movie for Everest one good to see how these people are interested on making it a fine movie chapter


LaLa said...

I SUPREMELY enjoyed the movie!! It satisfied all my fan cravings and was, as always a joy to my martini drenched heart!

Angie OPlasty said...

All due respect but how anyone could give this 147 minute pile of slop a positive review is absolutely staggering.

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