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Sunday, June 13, 2010

DVD Review: "From Paris With Love"

"Next time I tell you to shoot the fu$%er, shoot the fu$%er!"
John Travolta dons a shaved head and a wild attitude in Taken director Pierre Morel's action flick From Paris With Love. The action-packed movie follows Travolta as the trigger-happy FBI agent Charlie Wax whose latest assignment to take down a terrorist plot in France teams him with rookie employee for the U.S. Ambassador James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Needless to say the two opposites bump heads as they work together. By-the-books Reece learns to later adapt to Wax's wild style but only after a few close calls involving guns pointed at him and after the tables turn against him.

Aside from a generic plot twist and a little clever banter between the two fellas, From Paris With Love fails to deliver the excitement to which the trailer alludes. Meyers and Travolta are an interesting match and neither deliver bad performances, but even with Travolta's over-the-top antics you're left underwhelmed. The last thirty minutes were the best part of the movie. Perhaps because it was almost over.

Reel Talk rating: C


Brittani Burnham said...

Great review! This is exactly how I figured this movie would turn out. Such a shame, Meyers is really talented.

Castor said...

Another generic action movie with John Travolta. Really not worth wasting time on.

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