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Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Look: "Gulliver's Travels"

How Jack Black continues to be in movies, I'll never know. His "fans" will be happy to see that Tenacious D's long lost band member has found his way into Gulliver's Travels, the sure to be wacky film adaptation of the 1726 story by Johnathan Swift, which follows a man as he stumbles onto a land of little people. Black plays Lemuel Gulliver, who's heading to Bermuda on assignment when he's diverted to the land of Lilliput. Co-starring Emily Blunt (why oh why?!), Jason Segal, Amanda Peet and Romany Malco, Gulliver's Travels crashes into theaters December 22.


Clarabela said...

I totally agree. I am sure there are other comic actors who would do a much better job than Jack Black. He is unappealing and only has 3 expressions.

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