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Friday, July 2, 2010

DVD Review: "The Wolfman"

"Darkness comes for you."
Remakes can either be really good, or dreadfully bad. In the case of this year's remake of the 1941 flick The Wolfman, thankfully it's the former. Just as the classic tale unfolds, New York nobleman Lawrence Talbot (played by Benicio Del Toro) rushes back to his homeland after he receives word that his brother has vanished and is thought to be dead. Estranged from his family for many years, Talbot for the first time meets his brother's fiancee (played by Emily Blunt) and is reunited with his father (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins). But, in the midst of investigating his brother's mysterious disappearance, the town is plagued by a grizzly creature who is believed to be the cause of the Talbot vanishing.

While being tormented by nightmares from his own troubled childhood, and coping with his brother's disappearance, Lawrence gets attacked by the frightening wolf. And that's when a horrifying tailspin of events occur.

The normally low-key nobleman begins to transform into the creature he once hunted down complete with fangs, claws, a killer instinct and a bone-chilling howl at moonlight. He's scared of what he's turned into but even more terrified by the fact that he can do nothing about it. He goes on the run from villagers who fear him, and officials who want him dead. On top of all that, his father reveals a shocking new twist in the story that sends Lawrence into an even deeper rage.

If you've seen or heard about the original story, The Wolfman doesn't disappoint. Sure, it's more sinister and gory (ridiculously so at times), but Del Toro's acting is a standout. Check it out.

Reel Talk rating: B+


Lesya said...

I haven't seen it yet. Probably, the DVDs have already come out in my country, too. I heard more negative reviews than positive but I will see it for sure.

I can't help myself mentioning that I love concise reviews like yours. So keep posting in this way, well done!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I had mixed feelings about seeing this remake but do remember all the wolfman sequences were good.

Russel said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. The only thing worth mentioning was the special effects (which were special) and the ode to the Lon Chaney Jr. Wolfman was awesome...but that's it. Acting felt almost like they were going through the motions, especially Emily Blunt who is usually so much better in her films.
The chemistry was non-existent between Del Toro and Blunt and I really had no idea why she would be interested in him at all.
A showcase for makeup, not for acting. Go see American Werewolf in London instead.

My take:

Candice Frederick said...

Emiy Blunt is kind of an intereteting actress to me sometimes i like her, and sometimnes she's nor worth mentioning and forgettable (as she is in this film--which is why i didn't even critique her). but i didn't mind thsi remake one bit. it surprised me.

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