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Friday, July 16, 2010

First Look: Ben Affleck's "The Town"

It may be time to face the fact: Ben Affleck is a far better director and writer than an actor (sorry, Ben, you understand). In his latest directorial effort, in which he also stars, The Town, the Oscar winner plays a thief who's so wrapped up in the game that he almost doesn't realize that his new love interest may be the one to take down his and his co-conspiring friend's (played by Jeremy Renner) whole operation. The Town is scheduled to hit theaters September 10.


Invisible Woman said...

I know people down affleck as an actor, but i swear i enjoy him i everything i see him in...i think many are biased cause he's been a bit of a pariah for so long, or obviously pissed someone very important off.

i saw the trailer before inception, and cannot wait to see it--thrillers are my favorite genre, and jon hamm (clive owen jr.) sure doesn't hurt. at all.

Corey said...

I hope this is half as good as the trailer makes it seem!

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