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Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Look: "Burlesque"

Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci oughtta be ashamed of himself for being in this debacle of a film. Luckily Christina Aguilera's powerful singing voice scarcely masks her wretched performance (in just the trailer alone) in the upcoming raunchy dance flick, Burlesque, but not enough to convince anyone she shoudl quit her day job. The Grammy winner stars as Ali, a small town girl desperate to escape a boring life by joining the circus, er, this burlesque troupe rather at a seedy old nightclub owned by Tess (played by Cher). Really shallow theme marked by seemingly shallower performances, Burlesque just looks like a total waste of time. If you have nothing else o do during your Thanksgiving vacation, check out Burlesque in theaters November 24.


Snipes said...

I'll rent this, simply because I like Aguilera and most of her music and she actually looks normal in this film. If anything she looks like she gives the better of the performances based on the trailer. Cher is the stinker, she's obviously doing this solely for the cash and the phone in performance is awful. Looks like Aguilera has a big role though, glad to see that.

Brittani Burnham said...

Oh man, I love Christina's voice, but this looks like Glitter 2. I hope I'm wrong.

Sadako said...

I thought it would be kind of crappy...looks like I was right. Heh.

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