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Saturday, September 25, 2010

DVD Review: "Killers"

"How weird is this going to get? Because some things you cannot unsee."
Katherine Heigl is still desperately trying to become the new Jennifer Aniston by starring in just as many lame romantic comedies. And with Killers, co-starring Aniston's male equivalent Ashton Kutcher, she can now add this one to her neverending pile of poo.

Heigl stars as Jen Kornfeldt, a boring businesswoman who rebounds a broken heart with new love Spencer Aimes (played by Kutcher) while on vacation with her parents. After a whirlwind romance, quickie wedding and new life in suburbia, Jen learns the hard way that her beloved is a contract killer. But instead of jumping on the next flight out of there--though she did seem mildly betrayed and scared--Jen quickly jumps on the bandwagon to try to become a Bonnie (though a sloppy one) to his Clyde and hitting the road dodging bullets and killing strangers.

The first half of the movie (which introduces veteran actors Catherine O'Hara and Tom Selleck as Jen's parents) flows better than the second half, which is messy, silly and simply unfunny. Kutcher and Heigl have little to no chemistry together onscreen. The movie tries to have random dramatic moments--though brief and underperformed--and they always fell flat and took away the momentum that it should have been trying to build the whole way out. Skip it.

Reel talk rating: D


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