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Sunday, September 5, 2010


"Who's Taking Who?"
Okay, yes, the acting was near abysmal. But if you can try to get past that, Takers is kind of awesome and awesome end of the summer blockbuster. The action was pretty cool. The story, about a group of bank robbers--Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown, Michael Ely and Paul Walker--whose latest heist involves knocking off an armored car carrying $20 million, is recycled, but yet keeps you entertained. When the dream team gets an offer they can't refuse from their former shady cohort Ghost (played by T.I.), who's recently released from jail, they bond together for one their most dangerous jobs ever. All the while two detectives (played by Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez) are hot on their trail bringing more heat to an already tense situation that doesn't go without its hiccups and surprises.

Dillon seems to have taken a wrong turn in his career starring in this flick, after his career high turn in 2005's Crash. Hopefully he can redeem himself sooner than later. Elba, who's recently been cast as the new Alex Cross (from the famed James Patterson novels) has yet to claim his leading man status as the more sensible crook in the flick, brings along Oscar nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste (in a very disappointing performance) as his drug addict sister. Her moments onscreen were clearly there to humanize the characters and make you empathize for them, but it further confused a saturated plot and appeared random and unnecessary. The rest of the cast, including the typecast Zoe Saldana who plays Ely's sultry girlfriend, remains consistent in under par performances in a B (at best) action movie.

Check out Takers for end of the summer fun. Leave your brain at home.

Reel Talk rating: B-


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