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Monday, October 11, 2010

DVD Review: "Get Him To The Greek"

"Your brain is full of lollipops, rainbows, and cheese."
If you were hired to chaperone your favorite rock star from his London pad to his comeback concert in Los Angeles, you'd be stoked, right? Well, so was Aaron Green (played by Jonah Hill) in this year's hugely successful comedy Get Him To The Greek. That is, until he finds out that his idol Aldous Snow (played by the British comedian Russell Brand) is a totally uncontrollable lunatic douchebag.

When Aaron, an intern at Pinnacle Records comes up with a plan to stage a comeback concert featuring his favorite band Infant Sorrow in order to revive the sinking record label, his boss Sergio (played by Sean "Diddy" Combs) jumps on the idea and orders him to get the unruly frontman from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in three days. Little did Aaron know that those were going to be the three wildest nights of his life. He leaves his girlfriend, a med student on the eve of her big break, Daphne (played by Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss) in LA while he and Aldous embark on a three-day raunchy escapade trolloping bars in every zip code on their route, waking up in hotel rooms with women they couldn't remember or buckled over toilets suffering nasty hangovers or drug trips--all more than the usual 9-5 Aaron is used to.

The only amusing thing is Aaron's reaction to the whole thing as he's forced to endure it all, but the movie goes from crazy to asinine when Brand's character Aldous goes through a melodramatic mid-career breakdown. It's unfunny and awkward at the same time. Combs is over-the-top and ridiculous, as is Brand. Although with Brand's character, you kind of expect it. With Combs, you don't know whether that's his usual arrogant outlandish behavior, or how he thinks the character really is. Either way, it--and the movie--is annoying.

Ree Talking rating: D


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