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Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Due Date"

"If I miss the birth of my own child, I'm gonna choke you out with your own scarf. Wrap that thing 'round your head, and choke you out."

Oscar-nominated actor Robert Downey Jr. usually has a knack for picking good movies. But Due Date is not one of them.

Downey plays the straight-laced Peter Highman who's rushing to get across the country to catch the birth of his firstborn. He's well on his way, until he bumps into wannabe actor and wannabe juvenile delinquent Ethan Tremblay (played by Galifianakis) at a crowded airport and their bags (Tremblay's containing illegal substances) get switched, and he gets booted off the place after getting into his first of many scuffles with Ethan. While his real bags--along with his wallet and ID--are en route to Los Angeles without him, Peter is forced to ride cross country with the dopey Ethan. You can say a comedy of errors ensue, but it won't make this comedy itself less of an error. Galifianakis basically recycles his oddball performance from The Hangover. Only this time it's less funny and more annoying.

With a weak script, Downey is forced to use his charm and witty retorts to provide the few laughs in the movie, whereas trumping Galifianakis's trademark comedy. There's no real chemistry between the two actors. You end up rooting for Peter whose apathetic nature is supposed to seem abrasive to Ethan's humble and sensitive style (though ridiculous and random). Nothing--not even the deportation, hallucinogenic situations, car chases or Juliette Lewis (I know, random cameo)--can save this film.

Though audiences may enjoy this lame comedy, the talent of Downey and Jamie Foxx (who also makes a useless cameo in the film) are wasted in it.

Reel Talk rating: D


Castor said...

Totally agree with your assessment, I was disappointed at how crude and lame this comedy was. Downey and Galifianakis are solid but just not enough to make this any better than a rental for me.

37paddington said...

nice review. i'll feel free to wait for the small screen even though i usually really like downey jr.

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