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Saturday, November 20, 2010

DVD Review: "Predators"

"As bad as you are, those things are worse."
Director Robert Rodriguez takes audiences back to the alien-infested jungle in his modernized sc-fi thriller Predators. The original 1987 flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger gets a kick with a new cast an slightly updated script.

Oscar winner Adrien Brody steps into the role of Royce, one of nine elite soldiers dropped onto an island and left for dead, without any clues to how they got there, who invited their blood-thirsty junglemates to the mix, and how on earth they're all getting out of this mess. As Royce steps up to the plate to try to map a way out and keep their lives intact, what they all learn is that the bigger enemy may be running among them and no one is to be trusted.

Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne makes a brief but wasted cameo in the movie as the worn-out soldier who's obviously gotten so used to running from aliens and plotting failed escape routes it's gone to his head. It would have been more interesting to see more of his story. Topher Grace stars as the medicine man in the group with an awkward but deliberate intensity. And Rodriguez's muse Danny Trejo channels his signature renegade-like tenacity as one of the abandoned soldiers. Together all the crew members hold their own to deliver a fairly decent popcorn flick. No over-the-top acting, not a really compelling plotline, but entertaining yet.

Reel Talk rating: B-


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

I wanted to like this movie more and maybe will be better on 2nd viewing. I did like how they made many references to the original Predators. And I agree with you Candice that Fishburne was a wasted cameo! I wanted more of him!

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