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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"The Warrior's Way"

Korean megastar Dong-gun Jang stars in his first Hollywood feature as Yang, a warrior assassin who dodges his latest mission by hiding out in a random circus town in The Warrior's Way. Before you ask, yes this movie is as foolish as that just sounded.

Starting out with sleek martial arts sequences, Warrior's Way takes a nose dive not fifteen minutes in when our warrior hero takes refuge, along with an infant he picks up at his last conquest, in a small town where he meets a dwarf, a bearded lady, a clown and several other innocent circus misfits plagued by the shadow of Colonel, who's ransacked the town on horseback taking several casualties along with him. Among them he meets Lynne (played by Kate Bosworth), an amateur knife thrower with a wannabe badass streak which never really quite delivers. Together they try to protect their town from the wrath of the Colonel. But just when they devise a grand plan, Yang's past comes back to haunt them.

Perhaps this was a video game or a straight action flick this would have been a better movie. The fact that it was a martial arts movie that was trying to have a plotline really destroyed it. The plot was weak and all over the place, and the performances (including Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush as the drunken man) were abysmal. To top it all off, the goofy narration didn't help things either. Hopefully this doesn't deter Jang from being in other American films. Take him out of this script and he could be really good.

Reel Talk rating: F


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