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Saturday, January 8, 2011

DVD Review: "Case 39"

"What does she want?"
--"To know what your idea of hell is... and make you live there."
Renée Zellweger has been having a tough time at the movies lately. The Oscar winner has been in a number of notable flops, including New in Town and Leatherheads. Last year she starred in another one--Case 39, about a social worker who takes in a young girl who's been shuffled through the foster system and deemed a threat. But, like similar films in the past, this sweet little girl isn't so innocent.

Zellweger plays Emily, an overwhelmed social worker who rescues Lilith (Jodelle Ferland) from an abusive home. Lilith is about to be thrown back into the system when Emily steps in and agrees to take care of her in her own home. That's when she learns that Lilith's parents may not have been the ones doing the abusing. There's something awfully peculiar about this little girl, who's prone to random occurrences of violence and strange happenings around her. The closer Emily gets to her, the more she realizes that she may be causing the havoc being wreaked around her, but all too late.

Almost identical to 2009's Orphan, Case 39 does little keep your attention as its riddled with cliches--menacing music, domino casualties, and predictable horror plotline. Ferland is surprisingly good in the role, but Zellweger and Bradley Cooper (in a small role) do nothing for the movie. It's worth an entertaining rental but nothing more.

Rating: C


Lesya said...

Saw it not very long time ago as well. Wasn't impressed either.

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