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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nominees for the 2011 NAACP Image Awards

So, the fine acting in Night Catches Us and For Colored Girls is finally getting recognized in this morning's announcement of the NAACP Image Awards honoring the best in African-American cinema. Including nods for Samuel L. Jackson, Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, these awards are including a lot of those who were mysteriously left out of the other awards precursors this season. But some surprises that might have perhaps been best left behind are nods for Why Did I Get Married Too? (Seriously? Best Picture?) and Just Wright. Check out the full rundown below:

Motion Picture

"For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)
"Just Wright" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
"The Book of Eli" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
"The Kids Are All Right" (Focus Features)
"Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?" (Lionsgate)

Actor in a Motion Picture

Anthony Mackie - "Night Catches Us" (Magnolia Pictures)
Common - "Just Wright" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Denzel Washington - "The Book of Eli" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Jaden Smith - "The Karate Kid" (Columbia Pictures)
Morgan Freeman - "Red" (Summit Entertainment)

Actress in a Motion Picture

Halle Berry - "Frankie & Alice" (Freestyle Releasing)
Janet Jackson - "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?" (Lionsgate)
Kerry Washington - "Night Catches Us" (Magnolia Pictures)
Queen Latifah - "Just Wright" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Zoe Saldana - "The Losers" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

Don Cheadle - "Brooklyn's Finest" (Overture Films)
Idris Elba - "Takers" (Screen Gems)
Justin Timberlake - "The Social Network" (Columbia Pictures)
Michael Ealy - "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)
Samuel L. Jackson - "Mother and Child" (Sony Pictures Classics)

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Anika Noni Rose - "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)
Kimberly Elise - "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)
Phylicia Rashad - "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)
Jill Scott - "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?" (Lionsgate)
Whoopi Goldberg - "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)

Independent Motion Picture

"Conviction" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
"Frankie & Alice" (Freestyle Releasing)
"La Mission" (Screen Media Ventures)
"Mother and Child" (Sony Pictures Classics)
"Night Catches Us" (Magnolia Pictures)

Foreign Motion Picture

"A Barefoot Dream" (Showbox/Mediaplex)
"Biutiful" (Roadside Attractions)
"Four Lions" (Drafthouse Films)
"Mother" (Magnolia Pictures)
"Outside the Law" (Tessalit Productions)


"For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots" (PBS)
"Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel" (Metaphor Films)
"If God is Willing and the Creek Don't Rise" (HBO)
"Waiting for "Superman" (Paramount Vantage)
"William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe" (POV)

Writing in a Motion Picture (Theatrical or Television)

Cheryl Edwards, Marko King, Mary King, Jonathan Watters, Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse Frankie & Alice (Freestyle Releasing)
Michael C. Martin Brooklyn's Finest (Overture Films)
Michael Elliot Just Wright (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Rodrigo Garcia Mother and Child (Sony Pictures Classics)
Tyler Perry Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? (Lionsgate)

Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture (Theatrical or Television)

Geoffrey Sax Frankie & Alice (Freestyle Releasing)
George Tillman, Jr. Faster (CBS Films)
Tanya Hamilton Night Catches Us (Magnolia Pictures)
The Hughes Brothers The Book of Eli (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Tyler Perry For Colored Girls (Lionsgate/34th Street Films)

The awards will be handed out March 4 and telecast on Fox.


Andrew K. said...

I love that the NACCP tries to remember performances from black actors, but I wish they'd narrow their nomination field down to four or even three at times to prevent things like Jaden Smith in Karate Kid being nominated. That's kind of ridiculous, nonetheless glad to see some of these actors being nominated - although I'm surprised Kerry's not there for Mother & Child and how on earth is Justin TImberlake eligible. That made me chuckle, I don't think he was bad but have they finally allowed him to think he's black? hahaha

Kiding, I love JT. ;)

Candice Frederick said...

@Andrew: Encore Entertainment totally agree. they should limit the amount of nominees in a category. but the oscars should limit their best picture category down to 5 nominees, so...i dunno. it's always gonna look like at least 1 person shouldn't belong there in every category for every award, generally. Namely the ones you suggested for this award, i totally agree with.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Timberlake? Ealy? FREEMAN?

I'm kind of shocked to see Loretta Devine left off the Supporting Actress list. Man, I wish I'd caught Why Did I Get Married Too.

But overall: I'm glad to see deserving films finally getting their due. For Colored Girls is a damn fine movie, I think.

Candice Frederick said...

yeah i could agree ealy could have been much stronger in that role. Withoiut seeng Red, I'm gonna go ahead and say he's been far better in other films. I wasn't too impressed with Loretta--seen her in that kind of performance before. Why Did I Get Married Too was ok but not awards worthy. the real champs here i think are most all the others--night catches us, waiting for superman, niutiful, mother and child, kids, etc. i thought the adpaptation was abysmal, but there should is no denying the acting was superb in For Colored Girls. Justin Timberlake s certainly a wild card. But that may go to show that the black audience doesn't only watch ot support movies with an all black cast. maybe here it's about relating to the experience of the story or, quite simply, recognizing good work (excluding JT though, lol)

Clarabela said...

The Best Supporting Actress category should be interesting, since most of the actresses are in For Colored Girls. But if anyone deserves to win in that movie, it is Anika Noni Rose. (Where is Thandi Newton?

Sorry to see that there are no awards for TV so that Idris Elba could be nominated for his mini-series Luther.

I was surprised that Justin Timberlake was not nominated for a GG. He did a great job in the Social Network.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

I was pleasantly surprised by "For Colored Girls".. and I thought it was great, especially acting wise. The all-black cast was nothing short of amazing, and I'm glad the finally got a recognition!

Candice Frederick said...

@clarabela. this is a set of tv nominees, but i only included in the movie nods here.

Karen said...

I still haven't seen For Colored Girls. I'm not in the mood for being depressed because that's what most people have told me after seeing that movie. Depending on the person, it's a good or bad thing.

Candice Frederick said...

@Karen i think i was the only person who wasn't depress by for colored girls. if you could see Rabit Hole, you could certainly see FCG. the only thing you might be depressed about is Perry's poor writing adaptation of it, lol

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