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Saturday, February 19, 2011

DVD Review: "I Spit on Your Grave"

They say revenge is best served cold. Or, at least in the case of I Spit on Your Grave, it's best served boiling hot and with lots of terrifying booby traps and contraptions.

In last year's remake of the 1978 horror movie I Spit on Your Grave, a young woman (Sarah Butler) retreats to a secluded cabin in the woods (you know nothing good comes from that in horror movies) to complete her newest work. She is subsequently stalked, tortured and gang-raped by four men in her own home. Narrowly escaping with her life, she later hunts each man down to return the favor and succeeds with flying colors.

Heinously graphic yet viciously realistic, I Spit on Your Grave isn't for the weak at heart (or for those with weak stomachs). The multiple torture scenes are superbly simulated yet they are the only things that keep the film at all interesting. There is no real story, no character background, and no point to be found. The dialogue is weak and the film heavily relies on the cliches found in most B (or D) horror movies--a perpetually braless heroine, a dim-witted sheriff, and dangerously secluded surroundings. Add a serious subject (rape) that gets no strong support with a story, and an almost an impossibly choreographed four-way revenge stunt by a young woman weighing about a buck-ten, who is able to round up several torture devices and ultimately drag four semi-brawny men in a matter of a few short hours to their demise, and it turns whatever promise this movie might have had to dust.

Although it would be interesting to see a stunt like this get pulled off in real life, I Spit on Your Grave needs major plot fixes and a redo. In its present state in rides almost wholly on shock value and gore.

Rating: D


Lesya said...

Will avoid.

Sammy V said...

Yeah, I'm with Lesya on this one. I can handle me some gore, but the combo of rape and b-movie is a red flag for me.

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