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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rashida Jones and Chris Messina in "Monogamy"

Rashida Jones (The Social Network, The Office) juggles impending nuptials and a fiancé (Chris Messina, Devil) with a wondering eye in the romantic drama Monogamy. Nat (Jones) and Theo (Messina) are a jaded Brooklyn couple struggling to keep their love together as the throes of reality and temptation get in the way. Monogamy began on a limited release earlier this month before its DVD release (date to be determined). Check out the trailer below:


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Rashida Jones!!!

Karen said...

I really, REALLY, enjoyed this film.

Andrew K. said...

I LOVE Rashida Jones, I keep hoping she'll get that breakout role so that she can become somoene everyone notices.

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