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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Look: "Priest"

It getting to seem as though Paul Bettany would be the one to cling to if the world happens to come to end (or if any other milder catastrophe occurred). After starring in last year's religious/sci-fi B-movie bliss Legion, Bettany plays a fallen priest who goes on a vicious tear to find and slay the vampires who've captured his niece in Priest. Check out the dark new trailer below. Priest hits theaters in 3D May 13.


Jack L said...

This looks ridiculous, such a waste of Bettany's obvious talent, he was great in Master and Commander...

I also can't stand these kind of religious themed films, they annoy me and I'm not even particularly religious.

themoviesnob said...

This just looks like that other one he did, Legion. I have little faith in Bettany.

Custard said...

Legion was pants...big smelly ones too!!

I am clinging on to this one though. Could be fun, a bit of popcorn fodder.

I didn't think it would be to Jacks taste. But i generally agree about religious films

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