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Friday, May 27, 2011

First Look: "50/50"

Seth Rogan is poking fun at cancer again in the upcoming dramedy 50/50. This time he trades his Funny People co-star Adam Sandler for Hollywood's IT boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a story about one guy's (Gordon-Levitt) struggle to beat cancer before it essentially beats him. And how does he do it? Apparently, by laughing it off. Check it out for yourself. It actually looks kinda good. 50/50 hits theaters September 30.


Lesya said...

Isn't Joseph Gordon-Levitt great?

I don't really like films about cancer, they do make me sad, but I will see this one for sure.

Candice, thanks for posting this up!

Castor said...

Doesn't seem that funny or poignant to me but we will see. Should still be a nice showcase for Gordon-Levitt!

Mark said...

Strange one for JGL to take on when he obviously could almost be in anything he wanted at the moment. Rogan seems to play his usual easy going funny man, which is starting to get a bit tedious.

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