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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Look: "Killer Elite"

We've waited months too long for another butt-kicking movie starring Jason Statham. After last year's disastrous The Mechanic, Statham is revving up to kick more hiney in Killer Elite. Statham stars as a retired member of Britain's Elite Special Air Service whose force back onto the job when his mentor (played by Robert DeNiro) is held captive. He must take down the shady assassins reponsible for the act, including the head honcho, played by Clive Owen (who can't seem to get much better roles these days).

So, yeah, it's Jason Statham once again running amok again on screen, but this time we get to see Owen and DeNiro have a little fun with him. He beats up Clive Owen while strapped to a chair? And we get to hear "Rock Me Like a Hurricane?" That sounds like a win. Check it out. Killer Elite smashes into theaters September 23.


Mark said...

I love these Statham ass kicking movies. Easy watching fun :-)!

On the other hand why cant Clive Owen bag a decent lead role these days, I used to love him!

Candice Frederick said...

@Mark i don't know what is going on with Clive Owen these days. He desperately needs a new agent.

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