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Friday, June 3, 2011

"The Hangover Part II"

"Empty your pockets. Come on, you know the drill."
You know it's not summer until Bradley Cooper has headlined a major blockbuster. Yes, for the past three summers Cooper has kick-started the warm months with The Hangover, The A-Team, and has reassembled the amnesiac wolfpack in the outrageously hilarious sequel The Hangover Part II.

Proving that the good ole "if it ain't broke don't fix it" saying rings true, The Hangover 2 delivers the exact same formula as the original movie, down to some of same physical routines. And you know what? Those jokes are still funny. Yes, the whole getting so drunk that you wake up missing items of clothing, hair, or teeth in a place you you don't recognize with people or animals you've never seen before routine still works.

In the original, the foursome (Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis) are "accidentally" drugged by the groom-to-be's (Bartha) semi-special future brother-in-law (Galifianakis), forcing them to have to gather the pieces together from that wild Vegas night with the help of crumbled receipts, telephone logs and shady characters. And the sequel has, well, the same thing going on. As Stu (Helms) is preparing for his impending nuptials in Thailand, the fellas plan an impromptu bachelor celebration and bring along his future underage brother-in-law (Mason Lee). This time, instead of bring greeted the morning after by a random tiger, the fellas have to contend with a chain-smoking drug-smuggling monkey, that's somehow in cahoots with the part-time criminal Mr. Chow (in comes the insanely hysterical Ken Jeong).

The wickedly entertaining characters and actors each leave audiences in stitches as they go through the motions of an equally entertaining--albeit redone--plot that will thrill die-hard fans of the original. Don't miss it.

Rating: B+


Dan O. said...

What's missing is a huge part of what made the first film so good: the element of surprise and the actual joy of having all these crazy situations happen. This is a dark and morbid cash-in and nothing more, except with some chuckles. Good Review Candice!

Lesya said...

We are among a few people who liked it.

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