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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Early Review: "Friends With Benefits"

These types of movies are going to keep coming out and there's just nothing we can do do about it. They're all starting to look the same, with the exact same themes. And now they feel the need to incessantly mock themselves about it the whole two hour. Even that routine is getting stale.

But Friends with Benefits shows no signs of breaking that pattern. The newest recycled romantic comedy a la No Strings Attached a la most every other romantic comedy in the last few years tackles the tired question, can a man and a woman really just be friends (with benefits)?

Full-time actor (seemingly) Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are following up their Oscar-winning movies with an extremely forgettable romcom. The pair star as Dylan (Timberlake) and Jamie (Kunis), your usual fabulous twenty-something singles living in New York City who rely on their supreme attractiveness and emotional damage to get them through the day. Coming out of bad breakups, the two decide to (surprise!) engage in a sex-only relationship, free of any emotion. Naturally that lasts about as long as a New York minute before that dream starts collapsing. You can guess what happens next. But what happens in between? A few clever one-liners, lots of nudity, and more cliches. This is all not without the brief yet enjoyable dialogue from Woody Harrelson as Dylan's coworker and Patricia Clarkson as Jamie's mom. They just tried to throw everything into this one. And it still ended up looking like a cheap replica.

Friends with Benefits is fine for a fleeting girls night out-type movie where afterwards you and your friends could further confirm the theory that friends with benefits probably doesn't work (or does it?). The movie juggles with the notion, but buries it with empty fluff in between. It tries to be smart with the occasional self-analysis, but ends up flat instead. Audiences will drool over Timberlake's rock hard abs and Mila's bare tush, but won't get much else out of it than that, except for perhaps a few fleeting highlights. Try it as a rental.

Rating: D+


Daniel said...

Just as bad as I imagined, staying away from this like the plague after being dragged to No Strings Attached....

Anonymous said...

Sigh... Why...? WHY?! Why do movies like this get made? It's such a waste of.. everything that it takes to make them. It's such a dumb move to go from Black Swan and Social Network to this crap. One can only wonder what went on in their minds when they signed up for this...

cstopwstop11 said...

Wow, this is the first negative review I've seen for this movie. Most said it was hilarious, Juarin and Mila have great chemistry, and it 1000x better then NSA.

Candice Frederick said...

@cstopwstop11 it was extremely forgettable. they did have good chemistry, but too bad it was in a bad movie.

Lesya said...

Nothing surprising.

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