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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Look: "Battleship"

You remember the game of Battleship, right? Apparently, Hollywood is starting to run out of cartoon characters to throw on the big screen and is now going straight to board games. First up, oddly enough, is Battleship, that randomly awesome game where the winner gets to proudly proclaim "I sunk your battleship!" This seems like a terrible idea for a movie and, judging by the mediocre trailer, it may actually be that terrible. All you can tell from the clip is a few ships are, well, battling one another and there's an apparent forbidden love situation going on with the twenty-somethings. How did Liam Neeson find his way in this questionable garbage? And along with pop star Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker and Alexander Skarsgård? This trailer has got to get better in the next version. Check it out. Battleship hopes to take down competition at the box office on May 18, 2012.

2 comments: said...

God that looks just awesome, total paycheck film for the cast. Even worst though is that a movie based on Ouija and Monopoly are on the way....

Dan O. said...

Just looks like total crap...but entertaining crap! Count me in!

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